Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who knew?

Occasionally when I'm trying to change something I don't like around the house, I discover a completely unexpected and wonderful surprise. I think that just happens when you buy a home and inherit many unknown secrets from past owners. Like when taking out old carpeting you discover a second floor below! That can be great when its beautiful hardwood, but not so great when its ugly stained vinyl flooring that's glued down to the slab (that happened in my craft room).

Well today something in our home surprised me again. This chandelier was here when we bought the place and its not bad. I don't love it, but I certainly don't hate it enough to replace it for a few hundred dollars or more. Mainly I dislike the yellow "pineapple" shades, they just seem dingy and I hate that they match the wall color. I have searched hardware stores and online and I have had zero luck finding affordable glass replacement shades that actually fit this fixture.
Not knowing what brand the fixture is certainly makes that harder, but the shades are not a standard size either.

So while at the hardware store today I was talking to a helpful clerk who recommended painting them with Krylon frosted glass spray. I thought its worth the a try for $7 bucks, right?

I came home and took off one shade to test it out, but first I wanted to clean them really well so the paint would be sure to stick. I sprayed the first shade with windex and when I went to clean it the paper towel turned completely yellow!
At first I was a bit freaked that it was dirt and I started to panic that we had been eating under filth. That was not the case, thankfully! Phew!
The glass shades that were yellow were some how sprayed in a way with a very non permanent paint from the factory. So, I got very excited :) and I pulled out my cleaning products and gloves.

I busted out my nail polish remover (with acetone) and stuck it in an empty spray bottle. I sprayed the acetone all over the glass shades and I watched with amazement as the hideous amber tint dripped right off.

6 shades later, and this is what they looked like. Still slightly tinged yellow but very faintly. I think they look a million times better, although the shape and carving is not really my style.

So to brighten them up and bit more and really help them look even cleaner, I gave them a coat with the glass frosting spay paint I picked up.

After 2 coats, this is now what the chandelier looks like. Not too shabby for $7.00 and a lot of nail polish remover.


Just in case you forgot.

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-Kasey said...

To funny! This exact same thing happened to me last weekend. I was cleaning the bathroom and decided I wanted to take the glass bowl off of our ceiling light to clean it. I always knew I wanted to replace it... but never did for the same reasons as you. I got the scrub brush, hot water and cleaners and it went from a dingy-yellowy white to a frosted, clean white... CRAZINESS!

Jaderbomb said...

So cool!!! You should def come and link up to my party!! I am sure soo many people would love this!!!!

Jaderbomb said...

Thanks for linking up~!!!!!

The DIY Show Off said...

So much better! :)
Great job and clever to use the frosted glass paint!


Joan Kolb said...

What a beautiful chandelier you have now. It's like a gift from the house to you. Congrats on the refubishment

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