Monday, April 18, 2011

Outdoor love

Despite my seasonal allergies, I love being outside in this weather. This weekend it was in the high 80's and just perfect! I spent the majority of my time laying out on our outdoor lounge chairs with a girlfriend and Baxter.

I have been lightly fixing up our outdoor space now that we can actually enjoy it again.
This old wooden bowl from India was picked up on sale from a local import shop that is perpetually having a sale, and actually has really great pricing. I filled it with glass fisherman floats wrapped in jute rope from Pottery Barn, and a conch shell I picked up years ago from the Caribbean.

Right outside our backdoor I hung this chalkboard up last year. It was given to me from a good friend that works at our local bar.
Not so into the Malibu brand advert on the frame, I busted out my bright acrylics and went full theme on it.

Now it very simply says "La Cantina" and in bright Macaw colors that you know I love so much!

Okay, I'm ready for summer.


-Kasey said...

How cute! Your back patio [and pool] looks lovely :)

Mike and Katrina @HA said...

Grr, it's SNOWING in MN today. We set up the porch for summer and we're all ready to relax once the weather realizes it's spring! Enjoy a nice day for me :)

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