Thursday, December 25, 2008

That's our Boy!

Baxter on Christmas day, he really enjoys his toys to the fullest. The gopher got away this time, but he'll be back and Baxter will be waiting.


We opened our gifts while we waited for our cinnamon rolls, we all got some great presents this year. Baxter also got a new AKC plush toy, a deer, and we got him an antler to chew on. He loved both and made quick work of the deer! Good thing I can sew! He then noticed a gopher pushing up dirt on our lawn and tried to dig him out. He didn't catch him, but had a great time trying.


Our first Christmas morning together as husband and wife was very special. I have never woken up in SYV on Christmas as I am always down south with family. So we had a great morning just us and our dog, we put the cinnamon rolls in the oven early and as they baked and filled the house with the best smell, we opened presents together.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

For our first Christmas Eve dinner we made a prime rib roast, roasted garlic, and horseradish sauce with mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus, carrots and peas, and my mom brought a salad. We were joined by my brother and my parents. It was a full day of cooking, (I was in my element) I also made the yeast cinnamon rolls that day for Christmas morning. Baxter was very excited for the roast, he thought it was for him. It was a great feast, and we all opened presents with my family.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hi everyone, this is our first blog. I don't know how often we will be posting, but I really wanted to share our videos and photos from the honeymoon.
We had a great time. The first day we were there we spent a few hours up in the valley between Blackcomb and Whistler mountains Zip-lining from huge tree to tree. It was a blast, we zipped on over 1100 ft long lines and were about 300 ft above the ground.
There was a lack of snow on the mountain, but Rory still spent 2 days up on the mountain trying out the new board. Which he is glad to report is pretty much awesome. He said it turns great and is super light and flexible. I did not ski or snowboard, but did venture on up the mountain to check things out. Rory said the conditions were pretty crumby for a beginner and the 3 runs that were open were kind of hairy, and I would have been pretty freaked by them. We plan to go some place local this winter to remedy my lack of snow skills.
The rest of the time up in Whistler we spent walking through the village and doing a bit of shopping. We also had a great time eating all the delicious food in the village. There were some really cool custom food joints and also a ton of gourmet restaurants that served elaborate breakfasts and dinners. I hope you can see the video, and enjoy the pictures.

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