Monday, January 12, 2009

Broken foot

So far this January we have been busy looking at homes for sale, nothing too exciting yet but it's early yet. There are more homes coming on the market now that the holidays are over, but the market is still inflated here.
Yesterday we were planning on a relaxing Sunday fishing on the boat at the lake. We were all ready to go early in the morning, but I had a bit of a accident. I fractured my foot falling down the back doors concrete stairs. It was pretty painful, but I thought it was just a sprain, needless to say we canceled the fishing trip. This morning it was pretty swollen and many different colors, so we decided to go to the doctor. The x-ray confirmed a fracture on my farthest metatarsal. It should heal on its own, no cast needed. But It's pretty painful to walk on, I have this great boot and a cane which has made life easier and I am mobile again. Rory and I were very happy to hear the diagnosis.
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