Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paper lanterns, improved

While searching the web I came across a simple and impressive looking paper lantern idea that involved one of my favorite kinds of crafts, a mindless repetition that can be done in front of the TV on the couch with little to no concentration! Yay! Sometimes you just need a craft like that. 

I had quite a few pale blue & white paper lanterns of assorted sizes that I ordered a while back for a different project. So I made use of them. Here is the link to the tutorial. It's a Martha of course!

Basically you cut out a bunch of tissue paper circles, which was very easy as you can cut through many layers at once. I used double sided tape to stick them to the paper lanterns. How simple is that?

I decided to hang the lanterns from a rustic branch structure. Because we have a bit of a nature theme going in the nursery, trees & birds are my thing and the branches just go. Plus they were free!

The branches are from my parents property, they were cut down from a lilac tree that needed some trimming, I found them in the back on a burn pile, cut them to length, them Mr. B drilled through them and I threaded in the metal loop screw thing...I think it's called a screw eye.
I hung the lanterns with some fine jute twine. I think they look like cloud puffs floating above my nursing chair, they are very calming, and gently move around just a bit.

Here are some other photos of the nursery in its current condition. Its starting to fill up with wonderful gifts sent to us by guests coming to the baby shower.
Our awesome stroller, with car seat installed, there is a painting I finished a few weeks ago of a tree, and of course the beautiful bassinet, which will be moved into our room when baby gets here!

I hope to get started on that last canvas painting soon!

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