Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's been a year!

It has already been a full year since I had my daughter, and I can't believe the amazing things I have learned and witnessed being a mom. It is truly the most amazing thing I have done, so far.
As you may have noticed my blog has not been updated for just as long as I've been a mom. My life hasn't left much room for blogging, and I'm fine with that. I don't really have the same free time that I once had.

This is the set for Sasha's "Cake Smash" photos that I put together for the day of her birthday.

For her 1 year birthday I found so many wonderful inspirational images to theme the party for "under the sea" Go ahead search the theme for birthday parties, and you will see gorgeous parties with every detail adorably mermaidy and sparkely goodness that any girl would give her long flowy red hair to go to! So I thought I would post some of my creations based off the inspiration for others to see.
Sometimes its nice to see them in non staged, non photoshoped or without fancy editing to the images.

Here is the cover of the invites that I made, they were so much fun, but time consuming!

This was the way the party looked before everyone got here.
The sign on our front door.

The front entrance, I reused the circle banner I made for Sasha's cake smash photos.

The backyard party area, we have a pool so it was the perfect entertainment with little effort

This net holding the balloons was an adorable idea (thank you pinterest)

Beverage Station

I made pork carnitas tacos and all the fix'ns

Gold Fish crackers in this plastic fish bowl with scoop were a great snack!

These were the party favors for all the kiddos to take home, new beach buckets!

Mr. B and I both L-O-V-E shortbread iced cookies, so I had to make some, in starfish and shells

The cupcakes were topped with chocolate seashells

I hope to find time to blog about other wonderful things, we shall see...

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