Saturday, December 8, 2012

Latest knitted gift, and other news...

I haven't been a very good blogger lately and I apologize but I have a pretty good excuse for it this time :)
Mr. B and I are expecting our first child! As it goes with some women in my condition I haven't had the easiest time with it. Not to compare myself to royalty or anything...ugh hmm, but I feel for the Duchess of Cambridge and her recent bout of dehydration and sickness. It hasn't been easy but I hope it will be over soon for her and for myself.

I am almost 17 along, here is my photo from earlier this week at the 16 week mark.
Being pregnant has taken a lot out of me, I have pretty much halted my typical crafting, only making a few things here and there. I have almost completely stopped cooking as well, fancy food just isn't a priority to me now. Oh and I can't even eat desserts, not fair!
I did manage to finally finish my mom's beautiful knitted cowl. Made from the most wonderful yarn I have ever worked with. Madeline Tosh "Pashmina" which is a splendid blend of Merino Wool, Silk and Cashmere! Hello!!
Its so squishy soft, I am in love with this yarn. It doesn't come at a cheap price, but with a 25% off coupon and only needing one skein to make this cowl it was a totally affordable luxury accessory. 

 Here I am modeling it with my new tummy showing.

I hope to get back to posting some of the other happenings around here soon. I made a new craft using those amazing wood roses! Just in time for Christmas decorating.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

4th Anniversary

   Four years ago today Mr. B and I were married. The time has really flown by!
We have both been very busy lately with our projects, he has really been trying to focus as much as possible on his car remodel. I apologize for not posting more updates on the car but, I have been very busy with a project of my own, that has left little time for blogging!

I also have been very deterred by the new format the site has forced on me. Although I am typically very tech savvy this new format has a lot of restrictions and I literally almost canned the whole blog the last time I tried to upload and place photos for my cardigan post. I promise to give it another attempt soon and hopefully I can get a bit more familiarized with the new restrictions format.

Like the past 4 years this next year in our married lives will bring lots of new things changes and I hope that the two of us can grow closer together because of them! Wish us luck and love!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Cardigan

Just in time for Fall, I finished my gray Cardigan!

I started it back in June after finding this fantastic hand dyed yarn in a knit shop up north in Cambria for my birthday weekend. Its a light weight non itchy Merino wool and so soft, made in Uruguay, and it just happened to be 40% off!!
Good thing too, because I needed 5 skeins to get this project done. 

It took me a while to finish because its been in the 90's plus here for 2 months and I just can't knit in that weather. This photo was taken back in the begging of July, before the sleeves and collar were added.

Here I am iphone modeling it.
I can't wait for it too cool off more, I have a lot of knitting I want to get done, and a few garments to show off.

All finished and blocked, drying on my body form.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clothespin bag project

Well not much of a project at all really, it only took a few runs through my overlock and a couple runs on the sewing machine, about 10 min total.

I have been hanging more items up outside lately because it has been in the 90's + and running our dryer is just not something I want to do in this heat.

I haven't had the most convenient container to transport my pins from laundry room to outside. So I whipped one up out of scraps I had in my overflowing scrap basket.

This is a plastic coated wire hanger that I snagged from Mr. B's closet (I don't have any wire hangers in my closet, watching Mommy Dearest as a kid scared me from using them) The scrap canvas fabric is from our curtains that I hemmed during our office remodel, and the red and white French ticking cotton was from these custom seat cushions I made for my mom a couple weeks ago.

I thought I was going to use that piece of clear plastic packaging, but I ended up skipping it, the wire hanger did just fine.

So much more convenient now to have it hanging right here and a breeze to transport outside.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Engine is Out!

Progress on the '55 has been made. Well I guess it's technically considered the dis-assembly part of this process but it's progression none the less.
The last update I made, Mr. B had removed mostly everything that could come off of the car, excluding the parts that make it a driving vehicle. He was still able to get it in and out of the garage by turning it on a driving it.
Well not anymore!

This Friday he and I removed the engine, transmission, drive shaft, and shifter. Well I watched as he removed the engine, but I did put together the engine hoist all by my myself!

Here is the engine still in place getting it ready to be removed.

There are a lot of hoses and bolts to remove first.

Here is a little video of the engine being removed.

All gone!

On to the next issue, the rust..and bondo removal & repair.

The floor is a bit holey here. Mr. B has some welding to do.

This morning I woke up at walked out to the garage, and saw him hard at work doing this at 7:30 am. I'm sure he was dreaming about it all night.

Much more to come!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

And it begins!

Well we haven't owned it very long, and its coming apart!
Mr. B has begun ripping out the interior and some exterior off of the '55 Chevy.

The seats, carpet, trim, trunk, hood and bumpers are now in there temporary home and our extended garage, aka the covered patio.

The wheels and engine are all still in place, so Mr. B has been moving it around with his temporary seat. This just cracks me up.

Does he look happy or what? You know its something that brings him joy when he spent his entire Saturday in 100 degree weather sweating over it with that smile.

Lets hope we are both smiling when its finished!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Old Project

Mr. B and I bought ourselves a New (Old) car!

We decided we needed a new project, since our house is pretty much where we want it for now. Of course we will probably be working on changing a few things around our home, but this little beauty is our number one priority for now!

First things first, we needed to clear out some space in our 2 car garage that we have been using as a one car for too long.

Well in the heat we have been having Mr. B and I decided to get up early Saturday Morning and start while it was a cool 75...
A few hours of lifting and organizing really paid off.

Yay!! They fit :) We knew they would, and now our little Cheri has a safe parking spot.


I had planned on doing a photo shoot of her, and us all dressed up in 1950's attire, but we hit a few road bumps Friday afternoon. First off its bloody hot, like 104 and I just didn't feel like dressing up in much of anything. Then...we were driving it and the back wheel almost fell off. Yeah, that happened, so we took her home and inspected the under carriage a little closer, she has a bit of rust people!! I think we may tear her apart sooner than later.


I hope to be able to photograph and blog about our project as she progresses. Mr. B has big plans for her, and I just can't wait!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blow off & blow glass

First off, I am sorry about the blog "blow off", I know its been way too long since I have updated my blog and that really bums me out. I have been very preoccupied and also lacking in interesting blog materials. So I hope you can forgive me? Hello, anyone still out there?

Now to the fun stuff! Both Mr. B and I turned 30 the last couple months. I can hardly believe it!!
So we decided to check off some the things on our list that we have always wanted to do.
Blowing glass was one that we have been talking about for almost 10 years, so it was about time.
We headed up north to a little town called Harmony population 18. It was on my birthday weekend, so we made a few pit stops to some yarn shops on the way. Where I bought about 1200 yards of some great yarn for a cardigan I am making myself.
(anyway back to the badass stuff, forget about the knitting Mrs. B!)
Here is Mr. B doing what he does best, learning and paying attention to a cool skill he is hoping to master in a few minutes.

We quickly discovered that blowing glass was something that takes people years to even get the basics down, let alone master.
Of course Mr. B took to it like a jet ski to water.

Here is a video I made of his lesson. I hope you are able to see it, this uploader made it so small. haha, I fixed it! I am so much smarter than you!

Here are our 4 glasses that we made in class.
We each made one clear glass, well more like watched our teacher make it, and then we were more hands on while making the colored glass.

Mr. B picked a ocean blue color for his colored piece.

I went with more of a teal blue color, but they came out almost like a set.

We had a FANTASTIC time on our trip too, here we are in the Harmony wedding chapel.

The door is epic.

Also in Harmony (there are only like 3 buildings there) is this amazing pottery studio. The glazes on some of the pieces there blew me away. I couldn't take my eyes off of this black and blue combo. Drool!

Here is a foggy shot of the famous Morro rock from Cayucos. We stayed the night in the really cute town of Cambria, and we brought back some great souvenirs from a local craft fair that we will always remember from our trip, not to mention the yarn from before :)

I hope to blog more, and more often!

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