Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blow off & blow glass

First off, I am sorry about the blog "blow off", I know its been way too long since I have updated my blog and that really bums me out. I have been very preoccupied and also lacking in interesting blog materials. So I hope you can forgive me? Hello, anyone still out there?

Now to the fun stuff! Both Mr. B and I turned 30 the last couple months. I can hardly believe it!!
So we decided to check off some the things on our list that we have always wanted to do.
Blowing glass was one that we have been talking about for almost 10 years, so it was about time.
We headed up north to a little town called Harmony population 18. It was on my birthday weekend, so we made a few pit stops to some yarn shops on the way. Where I bought about 1200 yards of some great yarn for a cardigan I am making myself.
(anyway back to the badass stuff, forget about the knitting Mrs. B!)
Here is Mr. B doing what he does best, learning and paying attention to a cool skill he is hoping to master in a few minutes.

We quickly discovered that blowing glass was something that takes people years to even get the basics down, let alone master.
Of course Mr. B took to it like a jet ski to water.

Here is a video I made of his lesson. I hope you are able to see it, this uploader made it so small. haha, I fixed it! I am so much smarter than you!

Here are our 4 glasses that we made in class.
We each made one clear glass, well more like watched our teacher make it, and then we were more hands on while making the colored glass.

Mr. B picked a ocean blue color for his colored piece.

I went with more of a teal blue color, but they came out almost like a set.

We had a FANTASTIC time on our trip too, here we are in the Harmony wedding chapel.

The door is epic.

Also in Harmony (there are only like 3 buildings there) is this amazing pottery studio. The glazes on some of the pieces there blew me away. I couldn't take my eyes off of this black and blue combo. Drool!

Here is a foggy shot of the famous Morro rock from Cayucos. We stayed the night in the really cute town of Cambria, and we brought back some great souvenirs from a local craft fair that we will always remember from our trip, not to mention the yarn from before :)

I hope to blog more, and more often!

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