Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday the 13th......Cake

Here is another cake to the album. Amanda (my only client) a now 12 year old girl and daughter of my good friends wealthy boss. Has requested a birthday cake again. Tomorrow is her birthday and she will be having a party themed "Friday the 13th" including a beauty pageant murder mystery that her and her friends will be solving and acting out. Ahhhh to be 12 and have everything!
Well I hope she likes it and her friends, I made it after a sketch she provided with the specific details. She did only want a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, but.....I did my own thing. Its vanilla cake, with custard filling and chocolate butter cream and poured chocolate ganache on top. Of course topped with icing "blood" and all things "unlucky" made of fondant and food color paint.

Bee Sting

Rory had a bit of an encounter with a local honey bee a couple days ago. While out back (by the bee hives) Rory was stung! Apparently it got caught in between his sunglasses and eyebrow and decided to sting the eyebrow. Normally a bee sting would not be a big deal, but being in that particular area of the face, Rory' eye has changed in appearance over the last few days. His eyebrow looked pretty swollen at first, but now his entire upper eyelid has enlarged quite a bit. He has now got the "Quasimotto" look going. Poor Rory! It should go down in the next few days. I'll try to snap a photo of it if Rory let's me.
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