Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sorry, the weather has been too nice

I have been MIA when it comes to blogging about crafts, decor, or renovations. It's because I haven't been doing much of that!
Mr. B, Baxter and I have been enjoying the sun, and our weekends off. We have also been busy going to weddings and spending time with friends. So you can't really blame me for slacking off on our home (besides trying to keep up on the landscaping). I promise to get to something crafty soon, but I think I am a seasonal blogger for now. At least until our lawn looks presentable, we do have priorities now!

We got new bikes for my birthday a couple weeks ago, and we love them! I bike all the time on my own, and Mr. B comes with me for long rides together. We have felt like Baxter has been a bit left out, so we got to creating.

Mr. B built him a wooden seat for the back of my cruiser today and Baxter was great on it. We harnessed him in and buckled him down lined it with a fleece blanket and took him for a test ride. Its just a prototype, so its particle board and unfinished, don't judge. We mainly wanted to see if I could ride with 21 lbs behind me, and if Baxter would dig it or not. He loved it!

Now our little buddy can be included on our summer cruises.

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's business time

Last night my new business cards that I designed were delivered. I was super excited to start toting them around in my purse to give out, when I realized I didn't have a good way to store them.

So I started a search on the "interwebs" for one I could make. I came across this really cute and easy DIY business card holder on a blog called JenniferLaddHandmade.
She makes some pretty cute purses and card holders, I tell you what!

Her tutorial uses wool felt as the material which is really easy to work with, but I have a lot of linen on hand from various projects, plus it matches my purse. The ribbon was probably from a gift I received, I save everything worth saving, & grosgrain ribbon is always useful.

I left the edges raw, so they will unravel slightly for a "laid back" look. I mean they are business cards but lets not be too formal!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Oh I am so excited to post about my jars :)
I think I am starting to turn into a neat freak as I age...(my birthday is in 3 days so I am feeling older) I have to have a place for everything, and everything in its place! Well most of everything.
As a typical teenager and lets face it in my early twenties I was kind of sloppy. Never dirty, but just really unorganized. I am not really a neat freak now, but I do like to know where all of my crafting supplies are and have them in an easily accessible place.

So as soon as I got my antique medical cart I started a search for containers to put on the conveniently placed rack on top. I have stored my beads, trim, needles, buttons, anything small-etc in bags since well, I started crafting. Those bags went into bigger bags and when I needed something it was the old, "dump the bag out and search for it" routine, time and time again.

With a great suggestion from my mom, I headed to Trader Joe's for these spice jars, filled with spices I may add. Because it was cheaper to buy them filled with spices and herbs then it was going to be to buy them empty from a container store online.

A short soak in warm sudsy water (after I emptied out the spices into baggies, ironically) the labels came right off, no sweat!
Now the 12 little jars are holding my safety pins, beads, jewelery supplies, and rivets.

For the larger spaces I wanted real vintage medical jars. But at about $40.00 a piece minimum, I passed. I found these new, but still vintage looking glass jars on a medical supply website for about $8.00 a jar. I needed 6 and they came in a pack of 5 so I ordered and extra cotton.

I have already almost filled them up, and they are a good size, 4 1/4" x 7".

Oh I just love being organized, and it all has character. That's my favorite part!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yarn snob

Yep I am a total yarn snob. I have turned into a crazy knitter by the way. I love all the gorgeous wools, silks, alpaca, organic cottons and more that are available. I have recently fallen in love with a certain brand of Merino wool hand dyed yarn ( I know I have expensive taste) but the way I look at it is, if I am going to spend all this time knitting I might as well be doing it with quality stuff, or you could just buy a hat anywhere!
These yarns feel so soft and cuddly perfect for baby hats and adults! Mr. B requested a beanie shortly after I made my first few little ones.

Out of necessity I made myself a new tote for all of my balls of yarn, knitting needles and other "accoutrement" that I have been acquiring.
This was a free canvas bag my mom gave me two actually that she had never used.

I printed up the text in various sized and use my "window tracing technique" that I have been happy with in the past here.

The light blue pen is a disappearing embroidery pen that I initially trace with then I go over it with special fabric pens set with an iron, but sharpies can work too.

I just love sheep, and this is a special cartoon of a merino ram who is helping me spread that fact that I have become a total Yarn Snob! I crocheted a strap from some left over regular wool that I have had forever since its itchy and I can't use it for long wear garments. I finished off each side with an extra large button. The bag is nice and long and holds about 4 balls of yarn and my knitting needles.
Oh what's that peaking out of my new bag?

I ended up moving the strap to the sides to show off the design when "sporting" my bag.

This is the latest sleepy time night cap that I knitted up out of that softy merino wool. So soft. I'm obsessed.

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