Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yarn snob

Yep I am a total yarn snob. I have turned into a crazy knitter by the way. I love all the gorgeous wools, silks, alpaca, organic cottons and more that are available. I have recently fallen in love with a certain brand of Merino wool hand dyed yarn ( I know I have expensive taste) but the way I look at it is, if I am going to spend all this time knitting I might as well be doing it with quality stuff, or you could just buy a hat anywhere!
These yarns feel so soft and cuddly perfect for baby hats and adults! Mr. B requested a beanie shortly after I made my first few little ones.

Out of necessity I made myself a new tote for all of my balls of yarn, knitting needles and other "accoutrement" that I have been acquiring.
This was a free canvas bag my mom gave me two actually that she had never used.

I printed up the text in various sized and use my "window tracing technique" that I have been happy with in the past here.

The light blue pen is a disappearing embroidery pen that I initially trace with then I go over it with special fabric pens set with an iron, but sharpies can work too.

I just love sheep, and this is a special cartoon of a merino ram who is helping me spread that fact that I have become a total Yarn Snob! I crocheted a strap from some left over regular wool that I have had forever since its itchy and I can't use it for long wear garments. I finished off each side with an extra large button. The bag is nice and long and holds about 4 balls of yarn and my knitting needles.
Oh what's that peaking out of my new bag?

I ended up moving the strap to the sides to show off the design when "sporting" my bag.

This is the latest sleepy time night cap that I knitted up out of that softy merino wool. So soft. I'm obsessed.

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Janet said...

Your crafts are just getting cuter and sweety by the minute. Love the
new use for the canvas bags! The furry
merino sheep you drew is adorable.

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