Monday, May 30, 2011


Check out my newest crafting crave! I LOVE knitting, its actually great. For years I was anti knitting and only chose to crochet, mainly because I found knitting difficult. But its not at all! So I encourage anyone out there reading this that has been apprehensive to try it, its pretty awesome actually, and I think I am converted now. I will still crochet things in the future, but I prefer the speediness of knitting and how little yarn it uses to make something.

I have been busting out baby beanies like they are going out of style...or in style...or whatever that expression is trying to convey. I made four beanies in mini sizes for gifts and one for me! (not pictured below)

This fun stripped one was the most time consuming due to the switch back and forth of colors, and its long...but it came out so cute! I love the nightcap look.
Made out of soft non itchy Merino wool.

These simple beanies are fast to make but totally practical. I made them out of organic cotton yarn.

Pom pom hat made from organic cotton as well. I wish I could sport this style hat without getting the side eye. I would put pom poms on everything I make, but I restrain myself. Not everyone loves them, but come on! Look how cute!!

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