Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frosted glass with flare

These are our front doors (actually only one door opens) they have 4 very large panes of glass so everyone can see right into our living room, which can be an issue. We haven't had that many visitors unannounced in the last year and a half since we moved in, but after a few recent drop-ins while I was sporting some not so covering ensembles, we decided to make the inside of our home more private.

So we played with the idea of changing out the glass for a few hundred dollars to privacy glass, like seeded or frosted. But I just couldn't make the permanent commitment.

I do love seeing through the front door, I look at our beautiful oak tree out front (I can also see it out our living room windows) and when visitors do come by I like to see who they are before I open the door.
So I came up with an idea on how to make the glass private during the day and night but also see through the glass a bit.
Here is a partial view of our tree currently.

So I bought a $20 roll of stick on velum in frost, and then cut out the shape of our tree. I focused the majority of leaves and cut outs where we would need to view the faces of our visitors. And not so many where they can really see into our living room on the right. Plus its the same shape as our tree out front.

For $20 and a bit of patience with an exacto-knife its an easy trial run. I can always take it off as I am still not quite used to it. What do you think?

Okay okay, its not ideal, but it gets the job done and I like that its unique and that I DIY-ed the design myself.

It still lets in light, an option we thought over for a bit was changing the doors out for solid ones, but we quickly decided that would be too dark and close the house in.

Here is the view from outside.

We will see if I fall in love or if I will pull it off, but for now I think it isn't so bad. And now I can walk around my home in whatever I choose!

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Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

Ooh I love it! Your tree cut out is amazing! That must have take forever!

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