Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Oh I am so excited to post about my jars :)
I think I am starting to turn into a neat freak as I age...(my birthday is in 3 days so I am feeling older) I have to have a place for everything, and everything in its place! Well most of everything.
As a typical teenager and lets face it in my early twenties I was kind of sloppy. Never dirty, but just really unorganized. I am not really a neat freak now, but I do like to know where all of my crafting supplies are and have them in an easily accessible place.

So as soon as I got my antique medical cart I started a search for containers to put on the conveniently placed rack on top. I have stored my beads, trim, needles, buttons, anything small-etc in bags since well, I started crafting. Those bags went into bigger bags and when I needed something it was the old, "dump the bag out and search for it" routine, time and time again.

With a great suggestion from my mom, I headed to Trader Joe's for these spice jars, filled with spices I may add. Because it was cheaper to buy them filled with spices and herbs then it was going to be to buy them empty from a container store online.

A short soak in warm sudsy water (after I emptied out the spices into baggies, ironically) the labels came right off, no sweat!
Now the 12 little jars are holding my safety pins, beads, jewelery supplies, and rivets.

For the larger spaces I wanted real vintage medical jars. But at about $40.00 a piece minimum, I passed. I found these new, but still vintage looking glass jars on a medical supply website for about $8.00 a jar. I needed 6 and they came in a pack of 5 so I ordered and extra cotton.

I have already almost filled them up, and they are a good size, 4 1/4" x 7".

Oh I just love being organized, and it all has character. That's my favorite part!

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