Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My first purse

I don't think it will be my last either. I really enjoyed sewing this bag from the beginning to the end. Which is rare for me with my sewing projects as I usually get frustrated and hit a lot of speed bumps.
I tend to make everything without a pattern, just using a basic idea in my head that I usually end up changing as I progress.
This purse was in my head for a couple days and I had to get it out! Its a bit off the wall for some but I'm really happy the way it came out. I wanted a casual sack that I can fit all of my usual junk in and my camera. I also wanted a long strap that I could sling it around to my back and across my chest and go hands free for shopping.
The "Day of the Dead" embroidery was something I really wanted on an accessory for a while now. I went with embroidery because it looks so custom and the colors are vibrant and lavish, it sure is time consuming so the look makes it worth it.

The purse is pretty basic, its really more of a casual sack, with a zipper closure, long strap and I sewed in a cell phone pocket for convenience. Its made out of natural brown linen I had extra laying around from other projects and the liner is blue cotton that I reused from a curtain I made and didn't like.

I had a lot of fun making this giant linen tag for the inside. I wanted it to look really fun and youthful.

I'm super exited to be experimenting with my sewing machine lately. This stitch on the tag is so cool, like a perfect scalloped edge.

Here is old skully pinned on before being stuffed and made 3-D.

I think it will be my "go to" bag for a while...until I make a new one!

The DIY Show Off


marygrace said...

Adorable! You're so talented and crafty!

The DIY Show Off said...


You did a fantastic job - your first purse? Really? It's gorgeous!

AND...YOU are the winner of the Earthy Essentials party! ;) Congratulations!


The New Witty's said...

WOW! I love the design and the pop of blue when you open it up! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Did you have a pattern to follow a typical bag? or is that what you just 'winged'?

Mr. + Mrs. B said...

Thanks for all the complements! I love my bag, and I use it all the time, I really need to get on making more!
**The New Witty** No, I didn't use a pattern, the purse is a simple design just a rectangular bag with a bottom and a straight long strap, I think it looks much more fashionable with all the embroidery of course!

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