Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Old Project

Mr. B and I bought ourselves a New (Old) car!

We decided we needed a new project, since our house is pretty much where we want it for now. Of course we will probably be working on changing a few things around our home, but this little beauty is our number one priority for now!

First things first, we needed to clear out some space in our 2 car garage that we have been using as a one car for too long.

Well in the heat we have been having Mr. B and I decided to get up early Saturday Morning and start while it was a cool 75...
A few hours of lifting and organizing really paid off.

Yay!! They fit :) We knew they would, and now our little Cheri has a safe parking spot.


I had planned on doing a photo shoot of her, and us all dressed up in 1950's attire, but we hit a few road bumps Friday afternoon. First off its bloody hot, like 104 and I just didn't feel like dressing up in much of anything. Then...we were driving it and the back wheel almost fell off. Yeah, that happened, so we took her home and inspected the under carriage a little closer, she has a bit of rust people!! I think we may tear her apart sooner than later.


I hope to be able to photograph and blog about our project as she progresses. Mr. B has big plans for her, and I just can't wait!

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