Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Engine is Out!

Progress on the '55 has been made. Well I guess it's technically considered the dis-assembly part of this process but it's progression none the less.
The last update I made, Mr. B had removed mostly everything that could come off of the car, excluding the parts that make it a driving vehicle. He was still able to get it in and out of the garage by turning it on a driving it.
Well not anymore!

This Friday he and I removed the engine, transmission, drive shaft, and shifter. Well I watched as he removed the engine, but I did put together the engine hoist all by my myself!

Here is the engine still in place getting it ready to be removed.

There are a lot of hoses and bolts to remove first.

Here is a little video of the engine being removed.

All gone!

On to the next issue, the rust..and bondo removal & repair.

The floor is a bit holey here. Mr. B has some welding to do.

This morning I woke up at walked out to the garage, and saw him hard at work doing this at 7:30 am. I'm sure he was dreaming about it all night.

Much more to come!

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