Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clothespin bag project

Well not much of a project at all really, it only took a few runs through my overlock and a couple runs on the sewing machine, about 10 min total.

I have been hanging more items up outside lately because it has been in the 90's + and running our dryer is just not something I want to do in this heat.

I haven't had the most convenient container to transport my pins from laundry room to outside. So I whipped one up out of scraps I had in my overflowing scrap basket.

This is a plastic coated wire hanger that I snagged from Mr. B's closet (I don't have any wire hangers in my closet, watching Mommy Dearest as a kid scared me from using them) The scrap canvas fabric is from our curtains that I hemmed during our office remodel, and the red and white French ticking cotton was from these custom seat cushions I made for my mom a couple weeks ago.

I thought I was going to use that piece of clear plastic packaging, but I ended up skipping it, the wire hanger did just fine.

So much more convenient now to have it hanging right here and a breeze to transport outside.

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