Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Cardigan

Just in time for Fall, I finished my gray Cardigan!

I started it back in June after finding this fantastic hand dyed yarn in a knit shop up north in Cambria for my birthday weekend. Its a light weight non itchy Merino wool and so soft, made in Uruguay, and it just happened to be 40% off!!
Good thing too, because I needed 5 skeins to get this project done. 

It took me a while to finish because its been in the 90's plus here for 2 months and I just can't knit in that weather. This photo was taken back in the begging of July, before the sleeves and collar were added.

Here I am iphone modeling it.
I can't wait for it too cool off more, I have a lot of knitting I want to get done, and a few garments to show off.

All finished and blocked, drying on my body form.

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