Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finds for the weekend

AAAhhhh, its my favorite time of the year. Not spring, but sale season. It means spring cleaning, and that brings garage sales! My favorite addiction.
I know someday with my habits I will be the one having the garage sale, but until we run out of room and purpose for my things, I am going to keep on hunting for finds.
So yesterday I went out and picked up some $5 goodies. Here are a few.

These old widows are something I have wanted for a while. They remind me of the windows we had is our first place we rented together, it was built in 1914. The old fashioned pulley mechanisms are not the best for use, but these paned old tattered frames look great above the guest bed.

I stuck these handmade letter-pressed card stocks up to the glass for now. They were given to me from a friend (for our house warming gift) inspirational cards with a handmade stand. The stand only holds one card at a time, and I have so many others I thought I would put them to use.
I might change out what is behind the glass later, its fun having the option for a change of decor. But for now these are so cute.

Okay so the next item I found is a little weird, but I had to have it and the price was right. I have no idea what its roll will play just yet. But just look how cool/odd it is. Its a very thick glass head, I mean come on!

These large old looking keys are too fun, I plan to move them around from tabletop to tabletop. Currently I am using them as paper weights for my magazines on our coffee table.

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