Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo Pin Board

I revamped our Laundry Hall pin board into something I actually want to look at, and it only cost me $6.00!
Okay so the pin board was free, it was left in our garage when we bought the place, and I had all of the photos already. So all I had to buy was the large wooden "B" and the white/colored and textured card stock via Michaels Crafts.
Side note: I love that you can pretty much print out a 40% or 50% off one item coupon every time you go into a Micheals on their website! I bought a roll of jute twine with my discount.

Here it was before as I started to take it apart on the floor. Basically a bunch of old memorabilia of our youth and some photos of friends.

I white washed the frame for a little contrast with the cork using acrylic craft paint and water.
I cut out all the photos and backed them with gray, white, and blue card-stock backings. Like faux mats.

Now its a collage of mostly our wedding photos, some silly high school images with friends, including our Senior class photos. Also a few of our favorite things, like Baxter, Mr. B's new '66 Triumph bike and of course a Jamaica Blue Coffee sticker (the best coffee in the world).

I was going to paint the "B" with a shade of gray or blue, but I left it white for now. All the pictures are pinned up with T-pins.

Doing laundry is just a little bit better now that I get to look at this :)

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