Thursday, March 31, 2011

We're having a heat wave...

..A tropical heat wave!
Oh man today was a doosie. It was a whopping 91 degrees at our casa, and did I mention its March? The week before this little heat wave we had rain storms and snow on the mountain, and it averaged in the low 60's. The heat + previous rain really has things popping up too. Like my fringed tulips that surprised me for the first time last year. From just 3 we now have 5!

Our lawn has also recently developed a bit of a weed problem, the spring time and warmth helped them to multiply and one section of the backyard was about 99% dandelions. I spent about 40 mins pulling those little nasty lawn squatters out. I filled my weeding bucket up 5 times, and we still have more.
This tool is pretty much the best thing ever for digging up a weed and its entire root. We got ours at Home Depot and I'll tell you we pretty much need two. Mr. B and I had contests last year seeing who could pull the most weeds in our spare time after work. I know pretty lame huh? But there is something satisfying about getting the whole thing out, almost like you are the winner in an odd game of Man vs Weed.

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Janet said...

Ha, to funny, I know exactly what you mean about the satisfaction of getting the whole root out at once.
It always amazes me that vegetables you plant like cucumbers, tomato or squash are so delicate if you cut the tops inadvertently they die right away, but you can yank a weed and snap it in two and sure as heck it grows back!

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