Saturday, March 12, 2011

Been Busy

The last couple days have been a nonstop crafting fest over here.
Today I whipped up this really cute milk bottle cookie mix thanks to Bakerella's recipe.
They are called "Cowgirl Cookies" and I'm giving them to a friend of mine for her bridal shower gift. She is a total cowgirl, and I just couldn't resist pairing this cute mix with her other baking oriented gift from her registry.
It's layers consist of flour with baking soda and power and salt, oats, pink and purple m&m's, chocolate chips, brown sugar, and chopped pecans. Yum!

I used a milk bottle, well because I have a bunch of them and although you are supposed to use a Ball jar I thought this little cow was just too cute not to use.

Yesterday I finished this very black and very red cake for a casino themed birthday party.

And tonight I just finished coating all these eggs (71 according to Rory) with paint for an Easter decor project I hope to be posting tomorrow.

What have you been up to?


Janet said...

Well crafty lady I think you really
did some fantastic projects. The cowboy cookies in the cow bottle are
cuter than the ball jar. The pink and brown are perfect. The casino
themed cake is fabulous, love the chips on the sides and the black and red were so vivid. Ok egg wreaths have always been my very favorite! Looks like you even made not only brown and white but pale green? You are really something, can't wait to see it!

Raiza said...

i definitely want to learn how to do the cowboy cookies and the jar! :)teach me sensei

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