Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baxter's poor toe

He ripped most of his front pinkie toenail off on Friday. We don't know how he did it, but as soon as I went to feed him I noticed his foot was covered in blood, he just wanted to eat and didn't even seem to notice it, but we took him next door to our Vet/Tenant who said we should soak it, keep it clean and watch for infection.
So I have been watching it, soaking it in betadine solution, putting doggie neosporin on it, wrapping it in gauze and vet wrap.
It's pretty nasty looking, but I think it will grow back. If you want to see a photo of it up close and in all it's bloodiness click Here. But I'm warning ya! Its gross.

He was not a fan of the new green boot, but it helps him walk on it and keeps it clean. When I take it off he tends to lick at it. It looks pretty painful and he is really uncomfortable when I have to clean it, so I know it hurts.
Poor pup, but we found a cheap and easy solution to fix his little situation.

Here is is tonight all tuckered out from hours of playing with his new hedgehog buddy. He actually fell asleep with his new toy and his good arm on it (notice the couch covered with blankets to protect it from blood) he is just so cute!


Boschpilot said...

Oh My Oh My poor Baxter boy! Well I know one thing for sure the lucky boy has the best care giver in you Nicole.
You have looked after Ginger with her 3 injury's and you do so with confidence and knowledge. I really think you could have been a Vet. Mom

Janet said...

Ok that was me

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