Friday, March 25, 2011

Slipcover in minutes

This little stool has been through a lot. After our home renovations especially our master bath & the need to stand on it while tiling has left some thin-set and grout stains that just won't come out. We do have a real step stool but in a pinch when both of us were tiling this little guy sure helped.

Well I walked by our guest bathroom today and saw it sitting there so sad and stained. I decided to make a little slipcover for it.
I had this fabric, which is just white linen that I painted with fabric paint. I painted it originally to make a decorative pillow, but the pattern clashed with our rug so its been sitting on my fabric pile for months.

I pinned it and stitched it up on my machine with a simple corner.

I think it adds some fun color and pattern to our fairly plain guest bath.
Which by the way this is the first time I have posted a picture of this room in our house. Its the only room that we really haven't done anything to since we moved in and painted. Its all original, so that's why I'm not showing it off. But the cute little stool helps, I think?


Janet said...

I love the little step stool and I really like your guest bathroom.
The retro 60's look reminds me of
my mom's.

Mr. + Mrs. B said...

Um.. thanks? Its actually a mid 70's built bathroom. But I think the tile might have been redone at some point. It's not so bad.

marygrace said...

That is adorable! I love the fabric!

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