Sunday, June 27, 2010

Master Bathroom, Done.

It's been 6 long months of renovations to get to this point, of a completely finished bathroom. Man it feels good to say that. I think we both got quite a reality check by taking on this total renovation of our master bathroom almost entirely DIY.

The original master bathroom was really a good size but it lacked some major components besides the blah style of it all. Our bath when we moved in consisted of a long double sink vanity, a closet with mirrored doors directly behind the vanity, which cause the "fun house effect" a toilet, and a good size two person shower with bench, but no bath :(


This shows the original vanity from 1975 and the carpet, which we covered with a piece of new carpet temporarily.

We actually considered keeping the glass blocks at one point, hehe.

Here is Rory taking the mirrored doors off the closet in the bathroom. Who needs a closet in a bathroom anyway, wouldn't you rather have a bathtub?

Here is a list of everything we DIY-ed or had done to the bathroom. Be prepared it's long.
  1. Demoed out the closet, floor, vanity with counter, shower tile & glass blocks
  2. Rebuilt entire whirlpool plumbing system on "new to us" tub, installed new motor
  3. Jack hammered out shower mortar floor
  4. Removed the lowered ceiling & can light above shower to be flush w/rest of the ceiling
  5. Removed the lowered ceiling & 4 can lights above vanity to be flush w/rest of the ceiling
  6. Poured new mortar shower floor, lined it and poured rest of mortar floor
  7. Removed all existing drywall in shower
  8. Replaced all moldy decaying studs in shower
  9. Installed new purple board in shower with complete water barrier behind it
  10. Installed Hardiebacker board everywhere tile is going
  11. Jack hammered trench across the bathroom for new tub plumbing
  12. Plumbed in sewer line, hot & cold water lines (done by pros, kind of)
  13. Moved toilet water valve to the back so it's hidden
  14. Ran electrical to area for whirlpool tub motor
  15. Filled in the plumbing trench with concrete
  16. Set cast iron tub in place, whew!
  17. Plumbed water lines for roman tub valves
  18. Built tub box anchored to floor
  19. Designed and had the vanity made by Rory's old boss
  20. Primed, painted, and finished the vanity, installed hinges & hardware
  21. Had the large wall mirror removed and cut down (by pros) then reinstalled
  22. Resurfaced all walls in bathroom with hand troweled finish
  23. Primed & painted walls
  24. Had hardwood floor installed (done by pros)
  25. Installed vanity
  26. Cut out sink holes
  27. Tiled, installed over 3000 tiles, grouted and sealed 3 times
  28. Installed sinks
  29. Caulked everything needing caulk
  30. Installed all faucets and valves for 2 sinks, a bathtub and shower
  31. Installed all accessories, such as towel bars, toilet paper holder & hooks
  32. Installed glass door to shower
  33. Had shower glass walls made and installed (by pros)
  34. Painted and installed baseboards
  35. Framed mirror

Finally the After!

We got our fabulous tiles and sinks from Fine Craft Imports


Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Congratulations!!!!! It looks wonderful and all of your heard work has definitely paid off. Now pop a bottle of something yummy and sit in that tub and soak it all in.

Monica @ said...

That looks awesome! Do you mind telling me the dimensions of your shower? I know that seems odd, but I'd like to do something like that in our teeny master bath and was wondering what size yours was. Thanks!

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