Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Craigslist latest find

I found this great item on my local Craigslist Monday night and I picked it up yesterday. Below are the craigslist photos.
I have always loved the look of brass carved Moroccan tea tables. Probably what started it was the Moroccan restaurant that I love going to it is full of them and the ambiance is so relaxing and transporting, like you're in another exotic country. The food is awesome too!

I plan to use this vintage brass tea table for our outside patio, in between our two lounge chairs as it's the perfect height. I first got the inspiration from Pottery Barn when I saw this.
Mine came with a round piece of glass for the table so the surface is totally flat. Its huge too by the way 36" diameter, which I love because when I lay out I bring magazines and a glass of water a few different tanning oils, my phone, etc. The traditional dinky little patio tables just don't cut it in size.

Here it is in our backyard.

So here are some fun shots of outdoor Moroccan themed inspiration I'll be using to decorate around my new find. I see some more outdoor pillows in my future!



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