Sunday, June 6, 2010

We fixed up the pool area

We were inspired by the heat wave that the first weekend of June brought us. With summer here and our bathroom project pretty much done we decided to clean up the patio and pool. First thing we did was brave the 90 degree weather and sun and sweated our way through removing the non working and ripped pool cover and it's ugly red wooden case from around the diving board.
In this photo you can see it before, the pool cover & motor are hidden under the red colored large bench like thing around our diving board. We also took out the tracks that run all along the edge of the pool. I can't tell you how many times I tripped on those things.

Without enormous pool cover box. Yeah! Now to the dump we go.

Oh, I also had this large white board that I've been storing in my art room. I cleaned the whole room out today (its been our tile supply room for the last few months) and decided to hang it on the wall outside and give the back patio more of a beachy feel. A bit of paint and a few minutes later, homemade sign. I love it, anything to remind me of Mexico, sigh...


Lori B said...

Love that pool! And the sign is so cute!

Janet said...

That looks great, its amazing how much more roomy and open the pool area is without that ugly and dated pool cover the sign!

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