Monday, May 31, 2010

Framed the huge mirror

Here you see our wonderfully plain builders mirror that we had cut down to this size so we could frame it and still have a bit of space between the outlets and the backsplash without losing too much mirror.
Before frame

We framed it with just Home Depot oak that Rory ran through his table saw to notch out a channel for the frame to sit on the mirror and wrap around it.

We had all of these stains already, so I used to them get the oak to match our hickory floor. You can see the sample of the floor to the right of my 4 tester pieces.

Here they are with mitered corners & drying after I stained them.


In this shot (I had to stand on the toilet) you can see the floor and how well it matches!
We used silicone to adhere it to the mirror, and that's it!

Before & After!

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