Monday, May 3, 2010

Bathroom remodel checklist

With the master bathroom getting closer to being finished I thought I would start a list of what we have accomplished and what is still left on the list. This may not be every little detail but it's the majority. I will most likely add to it as my list grows, or when I remember what we have done in the last 4 months.

What's been done...
  • Demoed the closet, floor, vanity with counter, shower tile & glass blocks
  • Rebuild entire whirlpool plumbing system on tub
  • Jackhammer out shower mortar floor
  • Lift ceiling & can light above shower so it's flush with rest of bathroom
  • Lift ceiling & 4 can lights above vanity so it's flush with rest of bathroom
  • Pour new mortar shower floor, line and pour rest of mortar floor
  • Remove all existing drywall in shower
  • Replace all moldy decaying studs in shower
  • Install new purple board in shower with complete water barrier behind it
  • Install Hardiebacker board everywhere tile is going
  • Jackhammer trench for new tub plumbing
  • Plumb in sewer line, hot & cold water lines (done by pros, kind of)
  • Move toilet water valve to the back so it's hidden
  • Run electrical to area for whirlpool tub motor
  • Fill in trench with concrete
  • Set cast iron tub in place
  • Plumb water lines for roman tub valves
  • Build tub box anchor to floor
  • Build Vanity, prime, paint, install hinges & hardware.
  • Had large wall mirror removed and cut down (by pros)
  • Resurface all walls in bathroom with hand troweled finish
  • Prime & paint walls
  • Have hardwood floor installed (done by pros)
  • Install all faucets and valves for Tub
  • Install vanity
  • Cut out sink holes
  • Install sinks
  • Tile, install over 3000 tiles,
  • Grout
  • Caulk everything
  • Paint and install baseboards
  • Install faucets and valves for 2 sinks
  • Install faucets and valves for shower
  • Frame mirror

Still need to do...
  • Seal all tiles
  • Install all accessories, such as towel bars & hooks
  • Install Shower Door
  • Have shower glass walls made and installed (by pros)

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