Monday, March 7, 2011

Privacy glass?

We have this great big front door, actually only one side works the other is stationary. The problem is with these large front doors we have large panes of glass (4 - 24"x32") to be exact) that anyone can just walk up to and take a peek inside.
The glass is perfectly clear aside from the bits of dust I noticed while snapping these shots, so you can see right into our living room where we spend the majority of our evenings.
When people come up to the front door when its dark they can see us before we even know they are there.

Here is the dwelling area of Mr. & Mrs. B, you can observe them in their natural habitat at night... how they
view Netflix and surf the web.

Here is the view of our front entrance table that I don't mind people seeing, but not the rest of the view.

I need a solution. What can I do to this glass that won't look awful?
I'm not putting curtains on them, no way! That excludes shades and blinds too.
I can't imagine frosted glass looking good, do you think?
I love the look of seedy glass, but how much is that going to cost to replace!?!?
I would love to pick out new front doors completely but we are not ready to take that on, plus when I mentioned it Mr. B said he would like to build new front doors from scratch, so with all the other projects he has that might be a while.

Please let me know your opinion and any ideas!


Emily Ann said...

We have the same problem so I would love to know what others have to say!

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

I love seeded glass, but typically it is one of the thinnest glass produced so trying to get it that size might be an issue. Not sure what the exterior of the home looks like, but our new front door showed up with the wrong glass...but it could be a good option. It is smoked so you can see to the exterior, but from the outside it is almost mirrored. Hard to explain, here is a link showing the exterior of it and you can see the tone to the glass in the pic of the boys holding it up.

Did that help at all?! LOL!xo

Mr. + Mrs. B said...

Thanks Mel, that glass looks great, especially with all those panels. One thing I do know is that the glass has to be tempered since its so big and going on a door. So the seedy glass might not work at all.
I love the idea of the smoked glass.

Emily Ann, I hope I can come up with something that works too. But for now we might put up the stick on privacy film ourselves.
We shall see!

Unknown said...

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