Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a day!

Wow, we had one of our best days of weather this year, it was beautiful. No wind, no rain, and it was actually warm! Rory and I were inspired by the beautiful day and spent most of it outside in our backyard cleaning it up. It really needed it!
The pool was not it's prettiest color, and still had fall leaves on the bottom. Rory tackled that, the lawn and also attended to our bathroom remodel.
I cleaned up my cabinet door painting station, also known as the outdoor dining table. I put out the new rug we picked up last week from home depot, it looks great and really adds to the warmth of the dining set.
After the work it was great to have a seat and enjoy a glass of fresh lemonade with strawberries, so good.
Oh if you look really close maybe you can spot Baxter's little black nose hiding in the photo. He seems to get in almost every shot!

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