Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday's work, almost complete

I am having a bit of an allergy attack right now so I'm couch ridden trying to stay out of the elements and construction dust. This morning as we went out to walk Baxter we noticed the car was covered in yellow oak pollen, hooray! It's that time of year where everything is blooming, and for me that means I have to stay inside if I want to feel somewhat normal. Good thing I'm allergic to oak tree's eh?
Well we have gotten a few more things checked off our list.
I hung the plastic on the walls this morning, you can see our lovely gray shower pan liner from last night, we installed the drain today. That liner is now covered in mortar, that just has to dry and it will soon be ready for tile!!
Rory is currently framing out the tub wall and we can probably get the tub in this week as long as we can find a few strong helpers to give us a hand.

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