Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Picnic and Baxter meets the oreo cows.

We took some of the day off on Sunday to enjoy the weather and fresh air. The three of us headed out with some sandwiches and had a little picnic and a walk. Baxter pulled us around like a mini draft horse smelling for the cows that were around but no where to be seen. The loose cows out in woodstock must have been on someones property that day, but their evidence that they were recently there was left behind.
So we drove down the road to show him the oreo cows at a ranch. Rory calls them oreo cows because of their similarity to the cookie with their adorable white stripe down the middle. They are so gentile and furry I wanted to climb in there and hug them. This being Baxter's first experience with cows we were excited to see how he would react. He is usually fearless with all, but the bull had him a bit scared. He would walk up and smell them then dart back behind Rory's leg for safety.

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I think if it were just this little guy Baxter would have been more adventurous.
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We've been pretty cooped up in the house with the bathroom reno lately and needed some supplies for the shower. So off to the hardware mega store.
Who knew I'd find some great stuff at Home Depot to spice up our decor? These finds are going to brighten up our patio just in time for warmer weather, we hope!
These outdoor pillows are so fun and go perfectly with the green cushions of our outdoor dining set and bench. I plan to use them with our lounge chairs as a head pillow when I lay out this summer to hopefully get a tan!

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I also picked up this outdoor rug at Home depot for great price, it can be washed off with a garden hose, how great is that? Plus it really defines the dining table area. The red color blends well with our Spanish paver patio floor. I'll post a picture of the carpet once I've stopped using our outdoor table as my painting table, right now it's covered in cabinet doors.

Speaking of cabinet doors, I am happy to say that I have finished all necessary coats, and coats, and coats of paint. I also got in the beautiful knobs today. Here is a close up of the chrome finished knob from Baldwin hardware. I love them! Thank goodness!
I don't know if you can see the "old look" finish on the doors but they were a certainly labor of love. I put on (front and back) a coat of primer, two coats of green paint then sanded and distressed then glazed the detail of the recessed panel with brown glaze and finally gave two coats of polyurethane to seal it.

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