Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Glass blocks, check

We came home today after work and continued to demo the white tiles in the shower. As soon as we tired of the monotonous removal of tile after tile (there are a lot) I said to Rory, lets try to take out the glass blocks. He was game, so we did!
We are attempting to open up this bathroom, and the glass blocks had to go. They are dated and very chunky and the style just won't go with the rustic hand painted tile we will be installing.

Here is a similar look of what we are going to do to our shower. We are cutting out the lowered soffit in the ceiling to raise the shower ceiling up over a foot, and we have just taken out the glass block walls, which we will replace with seamless clear glass.

Here it is before.

And After! It's not pretty yet but you can see the open feeling we are going for. The soffit still has to go.

Here they are, well the ones that made it out of the demo, (we had a few casualties) if you know anyone that wants some glass blocks we've got'em for a good price!

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marygrace said...

That looks like so much work! Can't wait to see the finished product:)

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