Monday, September 19, 2011

Clutter fix

Everyone's got some spot of their home that gets cluttered. Whether it's a drawer in the kitchen, a closet down the hall, or like us the whole backyard!
This has been our backyard for the last 3 months. Yard tools strewn about, and pool toys laying around.

Mainly we have this problem because we have a 2 car garage, and WAY too many toys that go in it.
So we decided to remedy some of the overflow with a garden shed. We picked up a very well priced metal shed from Home Depot, USA made, which is great, only we had to actually assemble it!

Not really a problem, since we have plenty of DIY skills, but it was one of the hottest weekends of the summer and this shed had about 10,000 screws to put in.
I am smiling here, but I am still on my coffee high.

We finished it after two half days of work, stuck it in our perfect spot for it on the back side of the house, and promptly filled it with all of our tools for the garden.

(Baxter thinks it's a giant dog house)

And now for something completely different. Well it's still garden related, but look how pretty!
This is the beginning of a new hydrangea bloom, I am super excited to see if it opens up blue, because it's supposed to.

I bought 2 hydrangeas this July for our Fire pit install and backyard face lift. One was blue, and one was white.

Since then my blue bloom died, and now has a new one about to open, and my white hydrangea turned pink then the green!!
Here is a bloom from the white plant, you can see a hint of purple/pink to the centers of each flower.

WTH? I love the green older blooms, but the in between pink blush is not my favorite. I really had no idea they would morph like this, I think its a pretty cool surprise.

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