Sunday, September 25, 2011

Low Effort Fall

My very simple decor for Fall this year was pretty low effort. I mean there was some work involved when I planted a pumpkin patch with my mom over at her place back in May. We decided to grow all of our pumpkins and gourds for Fall ourselves, and they were quite easy to do.
I grew theses two beautiful Fairytale Pumpkins from the one I bought last year from Trader Joes. I just saved the seeds and stuck them in the ground with a bit of water and a few months, voila! I picked these and have 2 more small ones still growing.

I also finally decided to cut the 2 hydrangea blooms from or back yard. I just love how the white blooms changed to green, and although they are fading a bit I think it looks just fine for a Fall centerpiece. The little tattered edges to the flowers have a rustic look that's just my style.

Outside I filled one of my many garage sale wicker baskets with numerous decorative gourds. All grown from just a few plants. These things grow like crazy. I planted them for our wedding 3 years ago as well, and we were thrilled with how many each plant yields. There are also "jack be little's" and Kabocha squash.

I ran to the new craft store today with coupons in hand to pick up some knitting needles. While I was there I grabbed a couple 40% off Fall decor items and put them together for this really simple fall wreath.
It's just a grape vine wreath a cute "Welcome" sign and an adorable plush crow that is so much cuter in person. I like that the wreath is bare, it feels appropriate for Fall. I was going to add moss and a bow but I think less is more here.

The little crow had this tag around his neck that said "welcome friends" but with the other sign on the wreath that seemed redundant. So I flipped it around and wrote, "Nevermore!" instead. I have always loved Poe, and it seems too fitting.

**Updated to show a close up of the plush crow, who I named Edgar. Isn't he cute?

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Anna@Directions Not Included said...

It may be low effort but it looks great!

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