Sunday, September 11, 2011

Passion for baking

You might be wondering what those wrinkly purple things are. If you aren't familiar with this fruit, it is the yummy result of the beautiful Passion Flower.
This photo of a passion fruit flower was taken by Mr. B's Dad, he has a passion fruit vine that as taken over the front half of his home. You can see here how much the bees love it, and the fruits are very much appreciated by us humans.

I cut about a dozen of them in half, scooped out the juicy seeds and strained them. I then made a passion fruit curd, similar to lemon curd just subbed out the lemon juice for the passion.
Then I whipped the passion fruit curd into a whipped cream frosting.

I baked a two 8" round coconut butter cakes.

Cut the tops off then cut each in half horizontally.

Here is my Coconut Butter cake with Passion Fruit Curd filling and Whipped Cream Passion Fruit Frosting.

I layered the first cake with the passion fruit whipped cream, then a layer of the passion fruit curd, and the final layer with more frosting. I had just enough frosting to cover the whole cake.

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