Saturday, September 10, 2011

What happened to projects?

I've been totally MIA with blogging lately, not because I forgot about it. I just haven't been working on any cool projects. I have totally stopped decorating and have been busy working, maintaining our yard and knitting. I smell a change in the air though.

Fall is certainly in the air this morning. We awoke to a thunder and lightning storm and even a bit of rain. After the 105 degree temperature we had this week, it's really refreshing. I have been harvesting my decorative gourds, and watching our pumpkin patch grow.
Yesterday I picked up a few goodies that will hopefully be the new stars in my Fall decorating.
This wooden bench for our front door entry.

I plan to decorate it seasonally, and have already set out a basket of gourds.

Then I checked out a new craft store in town! (can you sense my giddiness?) I found these awesome papier mâché skulls for $3. They are the perfect blank canvases for me to dec out in Dia de Los Muertos fashion. I am calling them Mr. & Mrs. Muertos for now.
I cannot wait for the hand painted fun that awaits me! Craft on!

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