Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let there be Fire!

This was what the corner of our back yard looked like 2 days ago. It was pretty much like this when we moved in. I added the bottles hanging from the tree and stained the fence last summer.

But it's been a pretty useless space for us. We just never feel like sitting over there when we have a great patio table under the shade.

So we decided to put something out there that would be useful to the space. We didn't need another table and chairs so we thought why not a fire pit!? We figure it will be great on summer evenings with some smores, and friends. Also we may buy or make a BBQ grill top for it so we can use it as a oak pit BBQ on occasion.
Here is Mr. B lighting the first fire in it last night.

The stones for our new fire pit are manufactured concrete stones that are made locally. They stack like a breeze and even dry stacked is really stable. We opted to not mortar them, so it went together in a half an hour.

We also picked up a couple of raw wood Adirondack chairs from Home Depot, we primed and painted them blue with some extra paint I had from a guest house project.

Let me tell you, Adirondack chairs are the most comfy chair to "chill" in ever.

That tall birdhouse in the back I picked up at our local town's annual day fair/my birthday. It was a great deal and handmade as you can see. We may mount it up higher so a bird could safely nest in it.

We used the extra flagstone that we took out of the center to make a pathway. Honestly this was the hardest work we did for the whole project. It took a lot of back pain and shoveling to removed those patches of lawn nicely so we could replant them elsewhere (where our lawn has died) and to set the flagstone flush with the grass.
It's super convenient though and we are glad we took the time to do it right.

Mr. Piggy got moved from my potting cart, to the corner "chill spot" (that's what I'm calling it) because he is blue and fun and just goes!

Speaking of blue...this is my favorite part. We went out and bought two hydrangea plants for our yard. I LOVE hydrangeas they are one of my favorite flowers and for years I thought they didn't even grow here. Well I was wrong. The first spring we lived in our new home I started seeing them in our neighborhood, and they looked very happy in these people's yards. Then this spring I saw them come up again, even our crazy lady's yard next door had them, and she never waters her dirt/front lawn!

So I thought I can do that!!! We bought a 5 gallon white (swoon) and a 1 gallon blue! Love.
Wish me lots of green thumb luck. I may need it.

Over all it is a great up grade. Not free but really no too bad cost wise. Mostly labor intensive, that's the best kind of upgrade.

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