Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Finishes Outside

We spent most of this beautiful September Saturday outdoors. After a great walk this morning with Baxter to go feed the ducks, we headed into town to pick up supplies for the day.
Rory had ordered lots of parts at the auto supply for the Bronco that will hopefully help get it running again soon. We then took a trip or two, or three to the hardware store for the rest of things we needed for the day.
I picked up a roll of burlap and some velcro to improve the look of this cool old metal work desk that I've been using as a planting table and storage for our garden tools.
Here it is with all of my junk under it.

This ruffly (but manly) burlap skirt hides all that mess. I sewed it with a large heavy hem to add weight to the skirt to keep it down. I attached it with a peel and stick velcro to the bottom of the drawer. Having the seam in the center was a must for grabbing supplies with ease.
I picked up this great big orange begonia while at the hardware store and potted it into a bright pot, from Mexico. The blue piggy was a gift from Rory last Christmas.

Rory rewired and hooked up these two flood lights under our Oak tree in the front yard. We have been wanting to light up the tree since we bought the house, but its been on the bottom of the list. We are really excited to see it, but its not quite dark enough yet, I'll update this post once we can get a good shot!

Here we have one giant Oak lit up in the night. I couldn't really get a great shot with my tiny point and shoot camera and I could have really used a tripod. You can see the moon peeking through the branches.


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