Sunday, September 26, 2010

Too hot for fall

The colors of Fall are inspiring me to decorate, but the temperature here is not! It is a sweltering 105 today, and its just too hot to go outside for more than a few minutes.

I made this beautiful Autumn colored banner out of spools of thread and some ribbon. These were recently given to me, and I hope to find a good use for them someday, but for now aren't they pretty hanging on my pin board like a rainbow of beautiful shades of color.

Fairytale pumpkins are absolutely one of my favorite decor pumpkins, but I just recently found out that they are a great cooking squash too! I got this beauty at Trader Joes yesterday for a great price, especially as I will be using it to decorate our entryway for over a month and then we will roast it & eat it!

Despite the heat we had our winter wood delivery come yesterday morning. We now have a half cord of seasoned oak ready to go for those cold winter nights and weekend mornings. I can't wait!

I went digging around in the kindling pile of oak we have from removing some dead branches form our tree out back and put them in a tall vase for the front display. The different kinds of lichens from decades of growth add the perfect amount of spooky to what are just sticks.

I am a huge dork for Lichen, I love it! If you care to know a bit about the lichen we have on our trees here I have some pictures and a little info. They are so beautiful and delicate, each grow at a snails pace and they add so much character to the ancient trees in our town.

Lace Lichen, or Ramalina Menziesii is one of the fastest growing lichens in our area. Its also known as Spanish Moss and is a beautiful webbed pale green and only abundant in places without polluted air. You will see tons of it hanging all over the really old oaks and other trees that have allowed it to grow for a long time.

There are so many species of Lichen I can't tell you which we have exactly on our tree, but this is a close up of what some of them look like.
Growing at only an inch a year I have seen boulders almost completely covered in them.

Although dry and brittle they need moisture to grow.

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marygrace said...

I LOVE all your fall decor, especially what you did with your craft area and the spools. That is so clever and cute!


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