Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I won! Again!!

These blog giveaways are fabulous! I will have to do one when I have more followers. But one things is for sure I must be lucky at them because I just got this delivered to my door...
A custom cut Redi Shade!

Okay I had never heard of Redi Shade either but I'm glad I know what they are now. This fabulously designed simply to install "Simple Fit" is all mine and it was Free!!!
Thanks to the blog giveaway from Embellished Bayou.

The window I installed it in, is in our master bathroom, which lets in a lot of great light.

The problem is in the morning it shines right in my face, the curtains are sheer and still let a good amount of light through, but the main problem lately is the heat! It's been 110 here during the day and having an insulated shade like this one is really going to cut down on how hot our bedroom has been.

As soon as I installed it it felt cooler in the room. By the way, it literally took me 5 minuted to unpack it and install it.

Thanks again Embellished Bayou!


Embellished Bayou said...

It looks great! So glad you were able to find a great spot for your prize!

Raiza said...

Heck ya! way to go Nicole!!! :)
that shade looks awesome!

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