Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shower decor

I have to post about the beautiful baby shower I went to today. I was in charge of the decorations and helping coordinate. It was so much fun for me to do, I love decorating and creating and as you may have figured out, if it's DIY I love it even more!!

I went with a "green" theme, because the momma-to-be is having her first boy and I wanted to incorporate a lot of garden elements.

For the decor I made Martha Stewart tissue pom poms in shades of blue & green, I strung them from the umbrellas at the restaurant with jute twine.

I had three beautiful floral arrangement made with some of my favorite green flowers, there are green and white Hydrangeas, Green Bells of Ireland, and Kermit mums. All in a terracotta pot.

I made the favors from cuttings of my own succulents out back and put them all in these tiny terracotta pots tied with a raffia bow.

I printed custom favor tags and hot glued them to a popsicle stick. The restaurant printed us a custom menu as well.

Of course I saved the best part for last! The dessert. Oh yum. In honor of the very Danish mommy the shower was for, I made "Danish Layer Cupcakes".
If you are not familiar with Danish Layer cake it is layer upon layer of delicious vanilla cake, with whipped cream, custard, raspberry preserves, and a marzipan cookie layer.

I filled my vanilla cupcakes with the custard and preserves.

They were so decadent, but the almond whipped topping was nice and light.

My favorite part was the little bit of raspberry preserve you get inside.

All topped with a marzipan leaf.

It was a beautiful day!


BECKY said...

What a lovely event! You did a beautiful job with the decorations! I know everyone truly enjoyed them! I love decorating for events...I love it the most when I get to use someone else's money, and don't have to clean up!! HA!!
Have a great Sunday!!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

It all turned out so well!

Coley said...

wow, that looks soo awesome! What wonderful details:)

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