Sunday, October 17, 2010

We have a towel holder

When we remodeled our master bathroom we removed the closet to make room for a jacuzzi tub. For me this was a simple choice, as I don't need a full closet in a bathroom and I love my bath time.
The only problem is we did not have room for a linen closet to store towels and other supplies. Thankfully the guest bathroom is close to our room and has a lot of storage so we didn't need it...right, well 4 months later and I changed my mind :)

We did build a custom 8 foot long vanity that originally we decided to leave the middle open for shelving just for towels. Well we decided that instead of that we would eliminate the need of having a hamper on the floor and we put a hamper in the vanity center cabinet. I love it and I use it everyday, and I'm glad we put it in. But where could we store fresh clean towels?

Today we installed this handmade wrought iron towel rack here, above the commode where I had originally envisioned a painting going.

It works great, I think its a nice decor element too. It holds the perfect about of bath towels and can hold little washcloths below in the basket, or other supplies.


Raiza said...

i totally want your bathroom. it looks so cozy... :)

marygrace said...

Your bathroom is gorgeous! Love it.

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