Friday, October 22, 2010

Apple spice cupcakes

These delicious spicy little cakes are a creation from Martha's Apple Spice Cake recipe that I twisted just a bit. The recipe is a typical cake, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, spices, etc. But it called for a few interesting ingredients, honey and apples cooked in caramelized sugar...oh yeah!
I could eat just that, its basically homemade apple sauce (from our home grown apples) I used 2 granny smith and 2 Fuji apples. You cook a small amount of sugar in a pot till it completely liquefies and turns into a deep brown color. Then you add your peeled, sliced & chopped apples and cook them till they turn into a caramelized apple sauce. That is cooled and added to the batter.
I decided I wanted a bit more kick to my spice muffins, so I added the zest from an orange. I also made cream cheese frosting with orange zest. Oh that made it great! Too bad there are 24 of these babies, I think we will have to share them with our friends, if they are lucky.

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Janet said...

omg, they look delightful!

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