Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paint and Demo

Today was Saturday and that means many things to us, usually chores around the house and maintenance, but most importantly its having the time for a walk in the morning with Baxter and Mr. B, then quickly off to drive around hunting the garage sales.

We picked up 2 deals today for pocket change. An 18 foot extension ladder (that we have needed badly since we bought our home) and this funky wood dish shelf that I quickly coated with some spray paint and installed in my craft room.

All these supplies were cluttering up my work table, so it's great to get them up and out of the way.
I really have to do something with that fabulous bag of French lavender sitting up on the top shelf...another day.

That's a little better, but I have plans to straighten up more and have better use for this space as soon as I can find the right desk.

So today we got a little crazy and decided to demolish our fireplace! Doesn't it look great? Well no, but it will soon... I hope. We just have to do a few things first before we can have a mantle.

Oh if you are wondering what Baxter has on his face, those are his Doggles. You see he insists on being near us when we make any kind of demo noise like hammering. He was quite upset outside while we did this but as soon as we let him in he was fine. Of course he has to be literally right under us and with all that rubble flying about he needed to be safe.

Safety first that's what Baxter says!


marygrace said...

Oooooo can't WAIT to see pictures of the progress!

marygrace said...

PS the Doggles are hilarious and adorable!

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