Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wood floor in a bathroom!?!

Well we are scheduled to have our wood floor put in tomorrow morning as long as the floor guys don't get behind on their jobs. We need to prime and paint tonight after work so that's all done before they come in with our beautiful floor.
I haven't had much to share the last few days, so here are some shots of wood floors in master bathrooms.
(See I'm not the only crazy one who thinks wood can be great on the floor of a bathroom!)


Laura said...

Have you had any trouble with water damage on your wood floors in the bath? We are thinking about doing wood floors in our master bath but our contractor is advising we go with tile. Trying to figure out what to do!

Mr. + Mrs. B said...


Hi I hope you get this reply. We have had absolutely no issues with our wood floor since installed in April 2010. That was 4 years + and I love them!
They are warmer on your feet than tile, and so much prettier! This is our master bath, and we are careful. We have a mat for the shower and tub area and its just fine.
If you don't have water sitting on it for hours it should stay as nice as the day they install it!
Do what works for you!

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