Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too many colors to choose?

We can't decide which color lamp to choose for our master bath! If you can help please do, here is the lamp. It's a hand blown glass lamp with iron made in Mexico, and it matches our hardware on the vanity.

It comes in clear, amber, brown, aqua, cobalt blue, and green.
The colors that we are thinking go best with our bathroom are green, aqua, cobalt blue, amber, or clear.

Here is our sink, and the deco tile is the same. The rest of the tile is a buttery off white.

Here is another shot of the sink and you can see the color of the wood floor that will be put in, this warm brown. The walls are freshly painted in bright white to pop the "off white" tile.

Here is our vanity and knobs.

Here is a fab photo I found for inspiration, I know it's a kitchen but I love the look of these blue glass lights.


And more lamps I love that led me to this difficult choice...



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