Thursday, April 15, 2010

Honey Bees

We had a bit of commotion around here yesterday when a swarm of bees surrounded my parents backyard roses. The flying swarm took about 30 minutes to form into this tight strawberry shaped bee swarm. I am very familiar with bees as my dad has been an apiarist for many years and I have read much on the subject. In the spring when bee colonies get too large they create a virgin queen and split the hive up to make a new hive.
So we knew why they were doing this, but catching them is another story.

My dad quickly got on his beekeeper suit and got to work. Rory and I were a bit more timid to approach them. He scooped up the bees in a box and put them in a fresh new hive baited with honey and moved them to a safe area on his property. Lets hope they like their new home.

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Anonymous said...

One word--YIKES!!

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